TGE Video Interview with Gary Warren, Commercial Director – HMV UK & Ireland


This week TMV have posted another video interview we did at The Great Escape in Brighton. This time round we have Gary Warren from HMV in the hot TMV seat. On the change of the retail landscape Gary states that HMV have still witnessed growth within different segments of the physical market in terms of sales. In terms of early mistakes the industry made with digital include the fact that in hindsight the manner in which DRM was managed may not have been the best. Gary also questions whether it is in the benefit of the industry to have one dominant player such as iTunes in the digital side of retailing music and questions whether until recently it stifled innovation from potential competitors. We will leave you our readers to decide. Please let your thoughts be known via our comments section below. And without further ado click play on the video player below to get the full insight from Gary.

The Music Void – Gary Warren on MUZU.

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Jakomi Mathews – Founder & Editor, The Music Void

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