DIY Shouldn’t Mean Do it ALL Yourself PART 2: Interview with Willoe

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Interview with Willoe This is the second interview in the DIY Shouldn’t Mean Do it ALL Yourself series of interviews.

The aim of the interviews is twofold. First and foremost, I am trying to better understand and let all of you know what artists think are the biggest problems that need solving as a matter of priority.

Whenever investors are looking at yet another digital music start-up, one of the first questions they are likely to ask is “what problem are they seeking to solve and how well might they address this challenge or opportunity?”

In this series, I am asking artists directly what challenges they face with the evolving music market in order to help entrepreneurs of all digital businesses focus on what matters most. We’re at an exciting stage of harnessing and exploiting technology in clever and creative ways, but we’re not yet at the stage where we make it easy for artists to go it alone either as a big brand or an undiscovered talent.

Hopefully, together we can give artists more choice which will mean fans will have greater choice. Somewhere in there, we’ll be able to keep music free for end consumers, but profitable for everyone involved in bringing great music to fans. The second aim, is to plug artists who deserve it.

Willoe was “discovered” by Levels Entertainment after performing a sound check at one of my local favourites, The Barfly. Switching Lanes and Consciousness are two tracks that are attracting the most attention for this beautiful Birmingham, England native who is now Fraser T Smith and Syience. She appears to also be working with a great web designer.

Angel: What does DIY artist mean to you and how do you go about it?
Willoe: It means that we can creatively do whatever we choose without having to answer to management/labels/a&r’s etc. That being said, it’s extremely difficult to get to where you want without those factors, so its finding a balance between the two…

Angel: What are the current problems that need solving in order to making it easier for artists to survive and flourish without a traditional label deal?
Willoe: I think the audience just need to be made aware of unsigned artists. Whether that be through promotion or advertising. I don’t know..having management who understand the industry is very helpful..

Angel: What sites and tools do you use to promote gigs? To promote and market to fans? To manage fans. To distribute music or other files? To generate income? To get your music discovered? Myspace/facebook/twitter.
Willoe: I’m starting to use youtube which is long overdue now. Look out for live footage soon!

Angel: Where do you go to listen to music online?
Willoe: Youtube, itunes and at times myspace. I don’t tend to check that much new music though. I’m too busy with my own music.

Angel: What music mobile services do you use as a fan or an artist?
Willoe: I don’t.

Angel: What do you think of sites like Spotify, ReverbNation, Topspin, the filter, sellaband, soundcloud, audiotube, MySpace Music, We7, spoonfed, songkick, bandsintown, gigulate, bambuser and social networks sites like bebo, facebook and sonico?
Willoe: Not heard of most of them.

Angel: The multi-million pound question – What do you think the industry will look like 5 years from now? Hopefully full of great music and artists. I don’t know how the industry will look though…
If 5 years is too far ahead to think about, what have you got planned for the next few months (gigs, releases, etc.)?

Willoe: Gonna be doing as many gigs as possible around London and hopefully else where around the UK. Also going to be in the studio with a number of amazing producers for writing sessions and new tracks…

Willoe plays one of my other favourite local venues, Monkey Chews July 30th. You can follow Willoe on Twitter too.

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5 Comments for “DIY Shouldn’t Mean Do it ALL Yourself PART 2: Interview with Willoe”

  1. viktor

    She completed the survey in 2 minutes lol

  2. Dave Boulden

    Wow, an artist gets lambasted ‘cos they put more priority on their music than they do on self promotion. Your mothers must be so proud.

  3. byrd

    i agree with the first comment – she is about as insightful as a rock – and just as verbose!

  4. Will

    This was a waste of time!! Maybe you should have found an artist that had at least heard of some of the tools and sites out there to help DIY artists!! She’s only just tuned into Youtube!!

    Get some musexpo videos up and stop wasting time!!!!

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