David Maher Roberts – Sounds Digital Insider


David Maher Roberts shares his insights with us in this first post in our Sounds Digital Insiders – a series of interviews with each of the Sounds Digital International Mentors.

You can read more about David and his depth of experience here

1. What is your history in digital music?

CEO of The Filter since September 2007. The Filter is the leading recommendations and relevance engine for digital media.

Oh, and I also write and mix my own blend of electro pop… but that’s probably not what you wanted to hear.

2. What’s exciting you in the digital music space right now?

The fact that everything is available to all of us at any time on any device means that supply of content is not really an issue any more. The real issue is demand for content – how do we search for and discover great music! That’s what is exciting. In the last year I have discovered more new music than in the last 5. Because it is getting easier to discover great content.

3.What will be the focus of your Key Note presentation at Sounds Digital in London this year?

How to use data (descriptive/metadata and consumption/behaviour data) to make content relevant to me.

4. What experiences and skills will you be sharing with your ‘Lab’ mentoring projects at Sounds Digital?

Three main things:
1. How to create and develop businesses with the right mix of people, vision and hard work (I have been lucky enough to do that both within a large media corp and a number of start ups)
2. How to develop commercial partnerships in the US from a Bath HQ!
3. How and when to focus on revenue

5. Favourite website or online experience that not enough people know about it?

Hmmm. If you asked for mobile music experience, I would have said Gig Finder (a Nokia app that takes the music on your phone + location + time of day to recommend local gigs that you should attend).
Web experience… Two of my favourite experiences at the moment are Songkick and IndabaMusic.


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