Parasite Non Promoters Part 2


Following on from our story on Parasite Non-Promoters last year, thanks to the Chairman of the US chapter of the IMMF Steve Garven, it has been brought to TMV’s attention that parasite, chancer non-promoters are still at their lamentable game in the UK and have moved onto bigger scams, namely live music festivals!

Imagine this:  a totally UNSIGNED FESTIVAL –  80 bands in two days, ANY mixed styles, ANY genre, it doesn’t matter. DEATH METAL with R&B, POP or RAP; a great mixture of happy campers.

You all get to play a festival as long as YOU SELL loads of tickets, at £40 each = £400 (min 10) plus their transport to get there. Will they see any great head liners? NO!! So it’s just you really. Oh, and the other bands. Yes, they could be waiting two days, bored, drinking – all fun and games if the rain stays away and the snow doesn’t arrive early again this year.

So you pay at least £400 per band to play in front of other bands and their friends. OK, sounds like PAY-to-PLAY at its worst here. What do you think?

This SUCKS, just like all the other pay-to-play scams and competitions out there. So, you are offered to play a festival and then asked to sell at least 10 tickets at £40 each, with the promise that the more you sell, the higher up the headline you go. Great incentive! Trouble is, you could sell 200 tickets but then only be playing in front of all your own fans, because everyone else has left due to being totally sick of listening to bands they don’t know and are  not into and are also frozen stiff, as it’s nearly November 2010.

What do you do? Say NO to pay-to-play… simple! If they want you to sell the tickets for any gig or festival, you know it’s NOT WORTH playing at. If an artist is even considering playing at such a scam, then it is quite likely that artist has no talent and is essentially like a desperate groupie with more money than talent, or sense.

They make a massive pay-to-play fortune and you get to play another fake gig in front of your friends, fans and family members . The good thing is you get to camp in a field at the end of October, so take your waterproofs and loads of jumpers and waste your time once again watching loads of bands that have to pay to get to play a little festival of unsigned bands.

Furthermore, if there are 80 bands and each sell an average of 10 tickets each, that’s 800 punters (not really a festival by any sane person’s reasoning). That’s £32,000 to the festival organisers, who will no doubt provide a substandard PA for the limited number of stages they do actually provide. Artists playing the festival get no accommodation (they have to provide their own) and no hospitality, in terms of food and alcohol.

Shudder at the thought of it – no decent bands would pay to do this, would they? As the pay-to-play status stands in the UK it would be no surprise to TMV if this scam actually gets off the ground.

THIS HAS TO STOP NOW! MAKE A STAND NOW and things may just get better. It’s your future, your music industry, only you can change it.

Any information to report on any other scams or crap promoters, then send them in and let’s start to clean things up to help REAL artists with actual talent progress their careers.

To artists even considering such a scam: if you’re dumb enough to consider lining the pockets of such parasite non-promoters, you’re probably a bunch of talentless twits!

And as the person who uncovered this scam and publicised it on their website states: “It’s ALL about the Music, the money is just a consequence of the success that comes with it”.

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Jakomi Mathews – Founder & Editor, The Music Void

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