Why The Whole Music World Should Not Go Digital


Vinyl records have resurged; it is no secret. The bigger question that looms is why have they? Tye L. at The Music Cycle thinks it is because of two factors. First, records produce a sound that is unique to them. They are richer or more natural sounding than their digital counterparts. In addition, they give fans a sense of ownership that files stored on a computer do not. It is a piece of music and it is theirs. The packaging made fans truly appreciate the art that came with their sound. A connection formed between the songs and their visual representation.

The whole music world is going digital and Michael Cuthbertson does not think that it should, because vinyl is still superior to it. Mainly, he argues that the move should not happen because MP3’s sound terrible. This is an old argument, but he captures it well. Could the resurgence of vinyl be considered a backlash against the hyper-reality of this digital age?

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