Virgin Media, PushLife Offer iTunes Syncing On Android+RIM, But Not iPhones


Virgin Media has yet to go commercial on an all-you-can-eat music service it announced way back in June 2009, but it is still forging ahead with a separate strategy to sell music via mobile. Monday will see the launch of a new free app, which the quad-play provider created with the Canadian startup PushLife, that lets people buy and synchronise music on their phones with music libraries on their PCs. The service, at launch, will only be available on Android and BlackBerry devices.

The deal represents PushLife’s first foray into the UK market: the company was founded in 2008 by Ray Reddy, an ex-RIM (NSDQ: RIMM) executive who is now the CEO of PushLife. The company sells its app direct to the market and also works with mobile operators that have moved into offering music content to subscribers. PushLife also lists Virgin Mobile (NYSE: VM) Canada as another customer.

One of the key aims of the free PushLife app will be to drive music buyers to Virgin’s pre-existing mobile music service, which was launched in August 2010.

There are other features, too: users will also be able to sync their iTunes and other music libraries from their PC to their mobile; manage playlists from their phone; and share what they’re listening to through social networks like Twitter and Facebook. (And yes, it’s curious that although the app syncs with iTunes it won’t work on an iPhone, but that device does already have an in-built sync function, so PushLife perhaps decided to look for other gaps in the market.)

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