As MySpace Sputters, Where Will Musicians Congregate?


Even as MySpace (NSDQ: NWS) has floundered in recent years, it’s hung on to an important user base—artists, particularly musicians, who have relied on the site to provide them with a digital home on the web and a place to showcase their work. Now that the site has laid off half its employees, some folks are wondering if the site is in its death throes. If MySpace’s downhill slide continues, where its small but most-important constituency—musicians—will head?

The most logical destination would seem to be the truly dominant social-networking site: Facebook. But Facebook just hasn’t caught on among musicians in the same way MySpace has, at least not yet. And it doesn’t have the same tools to play or discover new music that made MySpace so popular for music fans, even though the latter’s own tools were far from perfect.

Other possible destinations abound, and, unlike during the heydey of MySpace, the web has a bunch of high-quality music services now. Those sites include The Sixty One, Sellaband, Bandcamp, Pledge Music, Tunecore and But none of those sites have the userbase of a MySpace or a Facebook. And there’s a question as to whether there are simply too many of them. If it’s about really connecting with users on the web…read the full story at

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  1. Yes, Reverbnation has it all, including charts, a more stable store than myspace, press clipping and link modules. Not only can an artist set up their music, but videos from different sites as well. One thing myspace did not offer easily is a monetizing feature which rn makes accessible. I didn’t have to abandon my 14,ooo myspace fans either- they are counted as fans on your reverbnation page!

  2. Guys, it’s simple – ReverbNation! Lots of bands are migrating there and setting up accounts, us included. They have killer functionalities, it’s like having MySpace, BandCamp and a few other services at once. We’re thrilled to have something like this.

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