Event Report: Digital Content Monetisation 2011 – Day 2


9 o’clock at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel on the 26th Jan 2011. Gerry O’Sullivan from the independent welcomes a currently quiet attendance.

First speaker up is Emmanuel Frenehard CIO/CTO of Walt Disney International on the subject ‘A Platform is only as good as the content it carries: how are traditional media companies planning across multiple platforms.’

The Points raised included:

  • The Three w’s (whatever, whenever, whoever) consumers now expect instant gratification.
  • Though digital is growing fast, Physical is still a larger market than for Disney and mustn’t be discarded.
  • The choice of platform with software and file type has exploded and conversion is not as easy as it may seem. Its important to look at the long term viability of each one to decide whether the conversion is worth while.

How many Box’s under the TV can the consumer take and are they worth the space?’ – Emmanual Frenehard on Media Platforms.

Also covered was the company’s software ‘Key Chest’ which is a locker for the consumer’s media purchases allowing them to access the content on multiple platforms.

This sets out to encourage Frenehard’s main point of the importance to standardise file formats to remove barriers from the consumer accessing legal content.

Next up was a panel ‘Putting in place the relationships, hardware and strategy you need to get ahead of the curve on IPTV.

The panel included:

  • Ben Williams of SeeSaw
  • Eric Cremer of Daily Motion
  • Alex Hobson of SKAI.

The most interesting part of this panel was discovering SeeSaw an ad funded aggregator of content from BBC, Channel 4, Five and MTV, with options to rent episodes from 49p, definitely a service to check out.

‘In 1998 it cost roughly $280 to host a streaming movie, now in 2011 it costs 5c’ – Eric Cremer on Streaming Media.

After a short break the Technology panel was up ‘ Mapping the key device which will affect your content development over the next 3 years.

The panel was:

  • Peter Buckley of DK Travel
  • Alessandro Capuzzello of RTI – Mediaset
  • Stephen Petheram of MGt.

Unsurprisingly there was a lot of name-dropping for the current favourite, the iPad, and how the iPad2 needs to develop to stay sharp for content developers.(the need for a more accurate GPS and an easier development platform.)

There was a small debate over the pro’s and cons of Micro payment over Subscription for content as barriers such as High Roaming charges, whilst consumers are abroad, restricts the access of mobile content.

It was also commented on that TV companies are restricting there development as connected platforms by charging high entry fee’s to 3rd party companies.

The next panel was ‘Assessing the digital monetisation curve: successes to date, challenges and sector-specific models.

The Panel was:

  • Cosmo Lush of EMI Music
  • Alex Hole of News International
  • Josh Graff of Electronic Arts
  • Ansgar Kuenne of Arvato.

This discussion revealed the massive community of online and more specifically social gaming, and the importance of using the content to monetise. With HMV offering less shelf life for music, the industry need to find more types of digital content to offer in its place. Music based Social gaming is likely to be a chunk of this content.

‘50% of Facebook log-ins are specifically to play games!’

This was followed by the Digital Brand Panel ‘How to work across platforms to build brand and hit targets’ Moderated by Paul Pauwels from ETMA, the panel consisted of:

  • Richard Ascott of Alfred Dunhill
  • Monisha Saldanha of Jamie Oliver Enterprises
  • Devon Copley of Kaltura

The panel covered the importance of user generated content on forums ande sopcial networks, working extremely well for Jamie Oliver, too the inspiring video content from Dunhill designed to reflect their values.

After a lunch break the conference continued with the Social Networking Panel, ‘Building your social networking community – how can you attract – and keep – users?’

The Panel was:

  • Kieran O’Neill of Playfire
  • Denise Parkinson of Yahoo
  • Julian Sambles of the Telegraph Media Group

The points of importance that were raised included:

  • Offering users exclusive content.
  • Allowing the users to generate and mould the content.
  • Building the experiance around the users interests.

Next was ‘How users are becoming content producers, distributors and influences. Presented by Christian Hernandez of, social juggernaut, Facebook.

The development of the Facebook service was covered from its original launch to the point of Facebook connect where Facebook is now essentially controlling the majority of webspace. Social commerce was introduced a service in which web stores display the items to the user based on there friends likes and current user trends.

Creating a massively user generated web for the cost of sharing users information with 3rd parties, which a lot of people will be against.

The last two panels were ‘Taking a Global approach to CRM to optimise monetisation’ with:

  • Bertrand Gie of Le Figaro
  • Andy Monfried of Lotame

This covered the options to monetise existing user data.

Lastly was ‘ Identifying the content fit for re-purposing and selecting formats to ensure relevance’ with:

  • Pasa Mustafa of Endemol
  • Pierfrancesco Gherardi of Digital De Agostini
  • Kristian Buraroy of TV2

This covered the importance of the mix of exclusive digital content and repackaging pre existing content to use on digital platforms.

Overall the day was pretty informative and centred from the beginning around similar themes of the importance to access the consumer choice of platform and allow users to generate the content. This being ultimately powered by the social networks.

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