Correcting Steve Jobs iPad 2 Launch Miss-truths….


Obviously, as ‘news’ indicates, the competition within the tablet-marketplace, which Apple’s iPad started, is about to hot up in 2011 – however, is Apple already feeling the threat in that it has to resort to misquoting and being (quite frankly) untruthful? Sadly, it would seem so….

You’ve all, no doubt, watched or read about the new Apple iPad-2 launch that occurred on March 2nd last week. What a lot of you will not realise is that Steve Jobs used facts and quotes that have previously already been proven to be false (some of them months ago). We will let you, the reader, decide whether Steve Jobs was intentionally misquoting to make his Apple product appear superior, or whether it was a slip up. TMV are erring on the side that it was deliberate, or else Mr. Jobs would look quite the fool – and we all respect him enough to know that Apple’s CEO is no damn fool.

In fact, the factual errors coming out were numerous. The first, that apparently the iPad 2 is the “first dual core tablet to ship in volume”. Yet it has been brought to TMV’s attention that the Dell Streak 7, which has a dual core chip, has been shipping since January 2011 (6 weeks or more before the iPad 2 launch). Obviously, the Motorola Xoom also has a dual core processor and has no doubt been shipping in volume as well. The Apple iPad 2 is not even available for purchase until March 11th, so in real terms Apple have effectively shipped zero, zilch, not a single unit yet.

The really big miss-truth in Job’s presentation was when he misquoted a Samsung VP commenting about sales of the Samsung tablet. Instead of saying “sell out was quite small” the VP actually stated that, “sell out was quite smooth”. This misquote was corrected on January 31st 2011 (5 weeks before Apple’s iPad 2 launch), in numerous publications, both online, offline and on TV. So it is incredibly doubtful Steve and his team could have missed it.

It also appears Steve Jobs is losing his grip on simple arithmetic, as both Samsung and Apple measure sales in the same manner: into the channel. Apple claims it has a greater than 90% market share in terms of the tablet-market. But hold on a moment – Samsung sold 2 million tablets in the fourth quarter of 2010 alone, whilst Apple sold 14.8 million over three quarters. As such, Apple would have had to sell 3.2 million more iPad’s to claim the 90% share, against only the Samsung tablet (in triple the time). We all know there are many other tablets out there including windows OS tablets. If Amazon’s Kindle were brought into the equation it could be stated with accuracy that Apple has not even reached 50% market share.

Jobs then went onto make price comparisons between the iPad 2 and the Motorola Xoom. However, comparing price points and missing out on actual component comparisons renders the analysis quite frankly pointless – as the Xoom has a better and bigger screen, extremely impressive cameras with flash, and (most importantly for ALL music lovers) boasts stereo speakers, while the iPad 2 has just one speaker. The Motorola Xoom even allows you to increase memory via a USB micro SD card reader. In TMV’s view, perhaps Jobs should have compared the iPad 2 to all of the android tablets currently available, like the Samsung Galaxy tab which is priced at $499 in the US and still has a better camera, 3G and GPS all included. The same goes for the Dell Streak 7. Comments Apple?

Whilst I have a lot of respect for Apple’s UI, their clearly illustrated lack of respect for consumers of its products, so that it has to resort to clear-cut false propaganda, is a sad day for all. It is especially sad when, out of fear of competition, a company resorts to telling porky’s. In TMV’s view, this clear breach of consumer and business trust signals that Apple is on a downward slide in terms of both respectability and innovation. Despite this, it would not surprise TMV if all the apple fanboys continue to blindly follow Steve Jobs as their Guru who is leading them down a path to excessively priced and under-performing products. It’s rather sickening to witness such unquestioning devotion, almost as bad as the naivety of Tea Party followers….

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Jakomi Mathews – Founder & Editor, The Music Void

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  1. JohnLa,

    For the record the above is researched and actually examines the fact that Steve Jobs told some very blatant porky’s. Unlike the majority of the mainstream media we dug up the REAL facts. That is what real journalism is about.

    Just because I do not have a journalism degree does not mean I should not research. TMV do not cut and paste press release as many of our competitors seem to do, day in day out.

    REAL journalism IS about research and objective opinion based around research…basically sums up TMV’s ethos.

    People like you obviously prefer pr lead press release driven junk…

  2. Free speech is well and good, Jakomi, but some people might confuse your opinion with journalism which it is not.

  3. Hi Rob Butters “Sour Grapes”, yes but 14.8 million is not 90% market share. Obviously you cannot count…but going further we will be releasing a tablet app but only for Android because it is an open ecosystem. Here at TMV we prefer to be free rather than be locked into inferior under performing products such as Apple iPads. Nuf said?

  4. 14.8 Million. ‘nuf said?

    The only cause I can imagine for your sour grapes is that a world with one tablet means no one would need to read TMV.

    Enjoy your Dead 7, Void.

  5. I’d rather him tell the truth always….. If he does not I’m not surprised only disappointed. However, I’ll but it because it’s a mac. It doesn’t matter to me who’s dual came out first….. simply doesn’t come in to play.

  6. This is just CLASSIC STEVE JOBS!

    It’s what he does! He wouldn’t know the truth if it punched him in the face. He’s been doing it since day one at Apple. . . IT’S HIS NATURE!

    And now all the little iFans are pissed that you pointed out that their lord and savior is a massive hypocrite and liar. Well iFans, get over it and open your eyes. That’s Steve in a nutshell. If you like Apple’s gadgets, great. Have fun with them, but PLEASE stop listening to STEVE as if he’s telling the truth then defending him and regurgitating those same lies all over the freakin’ web.

    He’s a salesman that will say and do anything to sell his junk!

  7. Mixing personal opinions on tech matters and political jabs at the end of the article seems pretty disjointed. Your tea party reference had nothing to do with Apple’s CEO seeming disingenuous. Stick to one subject at a time Jakomi.

  8. Hi Techbud,

    Actually everyone has opinions and the beauty of free speech is that we are able to articulate those opinions.
    The facts outlined in the post speak for themselves regardless of my or any other persons political beliefs!

  9. You lost your credibility when you strayed from the facts and threw your political “beliefs” and opinion in at the end. That makes me question whether your facts are motivated by opinion as well.

  10. Funny how apple critics focus on hardware instead of software. This criticism is pointless. Apple didn’t care about the absolute best hardware. Their focus is providing for the best user experience. Part of that is hardware and so they upgrade where needed to the level needed to accomplish that. In a side by side test of the original ipad and xoom, the ipad did just as wealth on speed, if not better.

    In software, apple kills android in a number of important aspects. I have an android phone. The new os is out but do I have it? Um, no. when will I get it? No clue. Friday all iphones/ipads/itouch’s, outside of ver iphone, will upgrade to 4.3. The itunes syncing is much better than what android has for media syncing. The apps always come to apple first, then android. google needs to step up its game, now.

  11. apple need to stop going on about all there features and get there products out there before everyone beats them to it!!! All of there products seem to be delayed in release dates therefore leaving room for other well known companys to bring out phones just as good as iphone 5 & ipad 2.. Apple FIX UP

  12. The Tegra 2 dual core processor actually first came out in November in the Advent Vega running Android. Maybe it didn’t sell in volume but I know it did sell out in quite a few places.

  13. Whilst I agree with somepoints, clearly the author is bias in some claims. Jobs figures were for the 9 months total not for the last quarter. The author if they looked in to it in detail should also draw attention to the features mentioned 10.1″ screen Is actually not much bigger due to aspect ratio differences, microSD support is not currently available & when Jobs talks about shipping in volume he’s talking large sales volume not niches. It’s ashame that the article is ruined by neglecting the mistruths of the author.

    how many apps are available, do they have exchange support, what download facilities are their. How often do they crash? I am all for a competitive tablet Market but that Market should be based on facts. The author is ironically just as guilty as jobs!

  14. You are be some kind maybe of good writer. Sentence structure is of for you very good. Arguments from you is be good based on correct usage of words and grammar such is be the way it should be done.

    Jobs was very vague in what he meant by “in volume.” At my company the amount of xooms we receive is very light, hence not in great volume. At least a third of what we received from the initial iPad launch.

    Putting a Nook, or Kindle, or Sony eReader in the same class as the iPad or xoom is ridiculous. Bicycles would have a large share in the automobile industry if you are going off this claim.

    Samsung tablets are not selling well at all. We sell at least 10 iPads to every Samsung tablet, and probably way more than that, even with people waiting on iPad 2.

    You’re an idiot, you hate Apple, and thus you write an article using poor grammar and sentence structure because you be not that at all very much smarter than some people.

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