3 Companies Leading the Direct-to-Fan Charge

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When people ask me what the two most important success factors for bands in the modern day industry are, you will always hear me say, driving engagement and measuring success online. Aside from actually having talent, there’s no doubt that the music industry has had to make big changes to it’s model to address the shifts in consumption patterns of music lovers. Below, I’ve highlighted three companies that are stepping up to aid musicians and their camps in reaching fans to build awareness, engagement and drive revenue:

TopSpin Media– The direct-to-fan platform is gaining a lot of traction among artists who have seen the benefits of bundling ticket sales, merchandise and more. When revenue from those $0.99 downloads isn’t adding up, consider TopSpin’s arsenal of tools to help you reach fans online. Their RCRDdeals product is a one-deal at a time site that rotates deals weekly, offering fans tons of merchandise and music at a steep discount.

GrouponLive– LiveNation is picking up the Groupon model to help sell more tickets for shows in any city on their 252 city roster.  Early adopters get special perks through $10 credits when inviting friends who end up purchasing.

BrandsForBands seeks to help artists, labels and managers hook-up with lifestyle brands to create seamless, appealing campaigns. Bands such as Light Pollution and Yellow Ostrich have teamed up with Quicksilver and Roxy North America to promote their goods. Build awareness through targeted advertising and brands that represent the intersets of your target fan base.

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5 Comments for “3 Companies Leading the Direct-to-Fan Charge”

  1. Colors

    Hey Steve take a look at http://www.artist-board.com direct to fans european platform, so for UK too :)

  2. How about PledgeMusic in the UK interesting way for artists to

  3. Wow, that’s a really clever way of thinking about it!

  4. What about Nimbit? Bandcamp?

  5. Nice but, all very American, when are we (UK) tech/music going to get as innovative?

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