Topspin Media CEO Ian Rogers joined TMV’s Laura Thorne at the Brighton Dome prior to setup for that evening’s sold-out 2011 Great Escape concert with DJ Shadow to bring us up-to-date on Topspin’s latest developments, and share his thinking on the impact of digital and direct-to-fan technologies on the emerging artists of tomorrow. Rogers, who started in music as part of the traditional industry model while working with John Silva, manager of the Beastie Boys, then helped detonate the digital explosion when he joined Nullsoft in 1998 (known for Winamp, Gnutella) and then music software provider Mediacode before becoming GM at Yahoo Music in 2003. In 2008, Rogers – who has a BA in Computer Science – left Yahoo to become CEO of Topspin (founded by Peter Gotcher of Digidesign/Pro Tools fame and Shamal Ranasinghe, RealNetworks/Musicmatch/Yahoo), bringing the technology that has now become the standard for artists seeking to promote their music to the next level in an increasingly diverse and fragmented landscape.

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Though born in Ealing, Laura only recently returned to London after establishing her music industry bona fides in San Francisco, California, where she rubbed elbows with the top players in jazz as Marketing Director for boutique concert promoter Stanford Jazz Workshop. Her background also includes marketing, PR & production duties for several independent labels such as Primarily A Cappella and Tinder Records, and she was producer for award-winning sound design and commercial music house Ripe Sound (with credits including SFX work for Electronic Arts and Disney and ad campaigns for international brands T-Mobile and Capital One). Laura is a former bassist/singer/songwriter who (still) lives to rock and likes it loud. She has a degree qualification in English to help her write and talk nice.

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  1. Industry Insider

    But importantly the SF office is not closing or closed. Can we delete this comment from ‘some guy’?

  2. Agreed. But hey their are lots of losers out there – sad but true! Topspin are a dynamic company helping to create the new digital music economy.

  3. Industry Insider

    Great video interview TMV!

    And following this, what a load of rubbish to say in this comment from ‘some guy’ that the Topspin office in SF is closing. This is utter nonsense, and obviously a nutty competitor taking a childish pop at one of the saviours of our music business. Idiot!

  4. I heard they laid off entire SF office last week. Could Topspin be the only SF start up not hiring.

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