EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Duncan Geere, Senior Staff Writer – Wired UK


Duncan Geere is a London-based journalist specialising in digital music, consumer technology and videogames. He is currently senior staff writer at Wired Magazine UK, and formerly worked with independent tech and gadgets site Pocket-lint and Shiny Media’s flagship blog Tech Digest. Duncan’s keynote 2011 Great Escape address, “The Digital Landscape,” provided an overview of the latest digital music technologies and services available to users – including streaming, P2P, lockers, video, mobile and apps – along with his thoughts on the future of these services and the challenges facing today’s music industry. TMV’s Laura G Thorne caught up with Duncan at the Great Escape’s convention hub inside the Brighton Dome for a brief video chat.


Though born in Ealing, Laura only recently returned to London after establishing her music industry bona fides in San Francisco, California, where she rubbed elbows with the top players in jazz as Marketing Director for boutique concert promoter Stanford Jazz Workshop. Her background also includes marketing, PR & production duties for several independent labels such as Primarily A Cappella and Tinder Records, and she was producer for award-winning sound design and commercial music house Ripe Sound (with credits including SFX work for Electronic Arts and Disney and ad campaigns for international brands T-Mobile and Capital One). Laura is a former bassist/singer/songwriter who (still) lives to rock and likes it loud. She has a degree qualification in English to help her write and talk nice.

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