Apple Wants To Take The Bite Out Of Lodsys’ Suit


Everyone was probably hoping that the situation with Lodsys asking app developers for royalty payments on its patents would somehow get diffused over time, but for now it just looks like it is getting messier. On the back of Lodsys last week filing lawsuits against seven developers who make apps for Apple’s App Store, the Cupertino giant has now filed a motion to intervene in that suit.

If granted, the motion—first revealed by patents blogger Florian Mueller—would make Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) an additional defendant in the case being made by Lodsys, which claims that the developers are infringing on patents that it holds on in-app transactions.

Apple has already sent a letter to Lodsys (we have a copy here) where it laid out its position, which is getting repeated again in the motion filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas: it believes that because it has licensed the patents itself already, those licenses extend end-to-end on those services being run by Apple, including items created by third parties, who have agreements with Apple to operate on its platform.

The documents filed by Apple contains a few gems that speak to some of the bigger issues…Read the full story at


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