Mog And Rdio Ape Spotify By Adding Freemium


Within a few hours of each other, Mog and then Rdio announced they will add free-to-play tiers to their subscription online music services, in a bid to drive up consequential paid subscriptions.

It looks like affirmation of rival Spotify’s freemium model, with which it has attracted 1.6 million paying subscribers by giving some free plays to a total 10 million users.

Mog and Rdio had previously only offered just one hard subscription service. Their additions are also an endorsement, generally, of the freemium business model, which snags paying customers using limited free offering as temptation and is deployed by services including Dropbox.

But their implementations differ slightly.

Like Spotify nowadays, Mog, which is calling its free taster Mog FreePlay, will limit free plays by track play count, but users are incentivised to earn more track plays by engaging in social interaction. Sharing playlists with friends or referring them to Mog itself will extend the number of times a user can play Mog music for free before having to shell out for Mog All Access. Such referrals, in turn, amplify Mog’s exposed potential subscriber base.

Rdio announced its new free service within a few hours of Mog but details are not yet available, though a spokesperson says its free offering will not depend on advertising like Spotify’s does. That also appears to be the case for Mog. Read the full story at


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