Vice President of Sales and Marketing – Portland US


Job Description

VP of Sales and Marketing
The VP of Sales and Marketing oversees the Company’s Sales and Marketing department with direct responsibility for the development and implementation of sales, branding, messaging, and market/product development efforts for domestic and international markets. This position plans, directs, and manages all sales and marketing strategies, functions, policies, objectives and initiatives.

Desired Skills & Experience

An in-depth knowledge of audio product applications is required including extensive familiarity with and exposure to installation markets. Excellent understanding of all markets that can contribute to growth and development of the Company. Proven leadership ability to influence, develop, and empower employees to achieve objectives with a team approach. Superior written and verbal communications, decision-making, problem-solving and organizational skills essential.

Must be an accomplished sales leader with a proven track record of achieving targeted sales growth and account profitability. Creative, sales and marketing visionary to bring exciting new products to market. Timely decision maker, able to prioritize critical tasks that add the highest value. Unquestioned integrity and personal values, willingness and ability to travel, and a strong desire to contribute to the success of Audix. Able to lead complex sales negotiations; use multiple problem solving techniques. Effective at knowing what to measure to track progress, know how to design effective and efficient sales processes.

Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or Business required. MBA is highly preferred. Experience in new business development activities, including customer interaction, acquisition and procurement processes, competitive assessment, and strategic planning. The qualified candidate should have minimum of 15 years of audio/microphone industry sales and/or marketing management experience, including 5 or more years performing similar duties as described.

Desired Characteristics

Collaborative, consummate team player who recognizes and works to optimize cross-functional decision-making, execution and results.
Consensus-builder; familiar and comfortable in an environment where consensus-building is an important aspect of decision-making process.
Perceptive, insightful problem-solver who can quickly assess a situation and articulate options.
Attitudinally inclined to believe that “the devil is in the details”, and demonstrates this by applying a disciplined and rigorous approach to work processes.
Intelligent, knowledgeable and articulate when conducting practical product demonstrations and presentations. Exemplary written and verbal communication skills.
Interfaces comfortably with existing and potential clients and end-users. Employs strong relationship management skills.
Displays genuine interest and enthusiasm in broadening knowledge and exposure to music/audio industry; takes initiative to increase knowledge by active participation in product use activities.

Company Description
Audix is a United States manufacturer of professional microphones. Our mission is to produce high quality microphones designed and produced in the USA. We strive to invent new products to service the amplified sound markets, including but not limited to the music and installed sound industries. Audix employees take pride in our workmanship and stand behind our durable, long-lasting products. Many of our product designs are intiated from our customer’s needs. Our passion for ingenuity and product design are unrelenting.



Jakomi Mathews – Founder & Editor, The Music Void

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