YouTube’s Missing Monetization Makes Its Internet TV Prospects Patchy


YouTube’s fortunes in the emerging internet TV space may be hampered because it cannot yet help partners monetize their content on the new platform.

YouTube (NSDQ: GOOG) now has an app on several connected TVs from manufacturers like Samsung and LG (SEO: 066570), but some owners grumble that it does not include videos found on the website, like official music videos.

That means Vevo. The label-owned music video wholesaler syndicates to YouTube on the web but is absent from YouTube’s connected TV apps. All the while, though it is traditionally somewhat anonymous on, Vevo is building up its own consumer-facing brand identity and is rolling out on to internet TV platforms.

Vevo tells paidContent: “Vevo and YouTube’s partnership has certain minimum requirements for our videos to be made available on their applications. Vevo’s branding must be made available and we must be able to monetize on our content.

“At this time, YouTube’s Samsung app does not meet these requirements. If, at any time, changes are made to YouTube’s app to accommodate these requirements, we will be happy to make Vevo videos available. Vevo is available on YouTube’s web platform and on their Android mobile app.”

Other requirements of some YouTube partners include back-end reporting and particular advertising capabilities – not yet available through YouTube on connected TV.

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  1. The Internet TV is certainly a boon to the movie lovers. You get instant access to movies, reality shows and games. I have connected my computer to my TV so that I can watch them in a bigger screen. The YouTube is great collection of videos and movies and hope they soon come up with Vevo videos that everyone can access

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