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Job Description
Audionamix (ADX) is the leading service provider in the cutting-edge field of reverse audio engineering. Leveraging its proprietary technology and highly skilled team of researchers and audio engineers, Audionamix manipulates fully mixed and mastered audio to meet its clients creative requests daily. Based in Paris, Los Angeles, and New York, ADX provides solutions to some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry by enabling them to creatively enhance the audio content of today’s evolving high-definition standards, as well as generating substantial savings and revenue for its clients. Audionamix is redefining the technical limitations of audio engineering and its goals are nothing short of revolutionary.

Audionamix’s key services include removing cost-prohibitive or expired licensed music from finalized content, isolating voices and instruments from fully mixed and mastered recordings, creating dialogue, music, and effects tracks from full composite mixes and separating music stems from fully mixed tracks for audio re-spatialization and augmentation of the original mix.

The company’s revenue has increased tenfold over the past year and ADX is ramping up to take its place as the essential service provider to call upon when revisiting TV and film assets for domestic and international markets.

We are expanding our Los Angeles-based sales team and are currently looking for a Vice President of Sales – Home Entertainment, Television and Internet Distribution Services.

Desired Skills & Experience
The prime candidate is a recognized, passionate industry veteran with established contacts in the fields mentioned above. The main focus of this position will be to optimize and implement ADX’s sales strategy to dramatically accelerate the growth of our business opportunities and overall revenue.

As part of the management team, the VP of Sales will work closely with the CEO, VP of Operations and VP of Production to determine sales objectives, priorities, key accounts and key offers for the domestic and international markets. Other responsibilities will include collaboration on the development of market driven ADX services, its core activities over the next 3 years and the outlining quarterly revenue targets required to achieve our long-term strategic goals.

Focusing on a pragmatic “hands on” approach the VP of Sales will be able to identify market needs, decision makers, and opportunities. The candidate will have the understanding and the ability to explain ADX solutions, cut through our clients’ “red tape” and generate, negotiate and close recurring activity for the company. Having an intricate understanding of studios and broadcasters structure, sales cycles, processes and supply chains is essential.

The successful candidate will have at least ten years’ experience working for one or several of our clients in a management, marketing, or sales capacity. Equally acceptable is an equivalent experience working for a technical service supplier to these clients in a senior sales position.

It is imperative that the right candidate possess a vast network of direct contacts and established relationships within the studio and television networks, coupled with an extensive understanding of the complex decision making process, economic models, budget allocation mechanisms and “action triggers” of the different organizations he or she will be servicing.

The ideal candidate thrives in a small business environment, is a self-starter and demonstrates autonomy, team spirit, dedication and enthusiasm for the company.

The position is full time and based in Los Angeles. Compensation will be consistent with the candidate’s experience and industry standards.

Please send your resumes to resume@audionamix.com

Visit our website at: www.audionamix.com

Company Description
Audionamix is the leading service provider in the field of reverse audio engineering. Through the use of its proprietary technology and highly skilled team of researchers and technicians, Audionamix is capable of manipulating fully mixed audio to reverse the final mix of audio content. Based in Paris, Los Angeles, and New-York, the company provides custom solutions to some of the biggest names in the Entertainment Industry enabling enhancement of audio content to meet today’s evolving Blu-ray and high definition audio standards as well as generating substantial savings and revenue for its clients.

Our mission is to offer our clients a simple solution to audio challenges constricting the full exploitation of their catalogs. Our elite team of industry professionals and strategic partners provide audio service options, cost-effective price points and a convenient approach to re-purpose existing audio content and unlock catalogs’ full potential in the physical and digital markets. Essentially, we provide the television, film and music industry with source separation solutions.

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