5 Important Things to Remember When Hiring a Producer


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When hiring a producer, it’s important to ensure that you have everything under control – here are a few things to remember that might improve your studio experience.

1. Scout out the different options
Use network contacts in the music industry and the Internet to find local producers in your area and recording studios that offer production services. They should be happy to provide you with all the information you need over email, direct contact or on the telephone.

2. Know who you are dealing with
Once you’ve narrowed down your options you should make sure that you check the chosen producer’s reputation in the music industry and style of production. Worst-case scenario, you don’t want to work with some one who will run off with all your money and leave you without a track to distribute! Contact bands they have previously worked with or search for reviews and comments online.

3. Know your budget
Another factor to include when hiring a producer is what the cost will be. You need to make sure that you can see the recording process through. Some music producers may want to charge you by the hour, whereas others charge a flat fee per song produced. There are pros and cons for each of these pricing options, and really it comes down to your preference and what you can afford.

4. Are you on the same page?
It is important to make sure that your chosen music producer has knowledge and experience producing the style of music that your create. Do they listen to what you want or are they not getting your vision? You want to be happy with the end product. Choose a producer that you trust over credentials, as you need to feel comfortable and enjoy being in the studio with them.

5. Make sure you assign your copyright.
Once the record has been produced and the producer has been paid, you don’t want them running off with your music credits and making royalties off your tracks. Before starting the recording process with your new producer make sure that you get a music production contract in place assigning copyright over to yourself or the band after the producer has been paid for their work!

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