EXCLUSIVE INTERVEW: Nick Arnold, CEO – The Holding Pattern


TMV caught up with Nick Arnold the CEO and founder of new music sync and community platform for independent artists called The Holding Pattern a week or so ago. The beta platform officially launches on Tuesday 23rd October 2012.

TMV: So The Holding Pattern is a new online platform for independent artists – what does the platform provide for independent artists?

Nick Arnold: Exposure!!! The Holding Pattern is a free platform, which has been created to provide much-needed exposure for ALL independent and undiscovered artists through an innovative and engaging marketplace. It’s not just for fans and artists to explore and use, but for creative’s sourcing music for public broadcast as well.

Were bringing together for the first time both creative users and artists in an innovative marketplace where the artist decides what price to sell there music for, whilst introducing an automatic license for creative’s and production companies looking to source music from an amazing library of independent music for public broadcast (Film, TV, Documentaries, Radio, TV commercials etc).

By providing a unique user experience for all fans to explore, search and discover new music we can expose the sheer wealth and size of independent music, like with our revolutionary 3D visual search engine, ‘The Visualiser’

TMV: Can you please explain what made you decide to develop and launch the service?

NA: I’ve been a musician for 15 years, been signed to major publishing house in LA and played in many bands and still do. I’ve scored music for film, TV, and theatre as a composer, and I know what a musician wants and I also know what a creative needs. The industry has changed rapidly and is a fractured music business model of it’s former self. The independent and undiscovered needs a musical platform that is engaging and educational for fans, transparent and autonomous for artists to use, and provide speed and quality for creative’s to access music. This is what The Holding Pattern provides…and this is what inspired me to create this platform.

Its’ about creating a free independent movement! Allowing artists, creative’s, and the everyday fan of music a unique experience that they trust and enjoy. Bringing people together, making them feel apart of a unified experience, and continuing to expand onto bigger and better things. Creating a platform that uses music as a currency to communicate, not just an end transaction. Being able to bring exposure to the sheer size and wealth of amazing independent music is what excites me, and what I believe to be relatively untapped.

TMV: Please briefly explain The Holding Pattern’s functionality and its key USP?

NA: Our philosophy is keep things simple and transparent, not to have a noisy site with a lot of bells and whistles. We provide the artist a platform to decide what price to sell to their fans and/or to production companies. The artist takes 80% of ALL sales and retains all copyrights earned from future royalty payments. We put their music in front of creative’s looking to source music for public broadcast, enabling the artist to boost their profile and make a nice pay cheque at the same time. For the fans, we’ve created an easy to use and innovative music platform housing all genres of music, which is guaranteed to inspire and promote the exploration of new independent and undiscovered music.

TMV: Which labels and or publishers do you have on board?

NA: We have a number of independent labels on board and we have signed a deal with MGM Distribution to become the home of Independent music in Australia along with a number of international distributors like Ditto Music in the UK, and others in the pipeline…it’s very exciting!

TMV: How many artists (are their any established artists) and tracks in total so far?

NA: We have over 10,000 artists and over 25,000 tracks and counting…. in about a month we will have over 120,000 tracks! Every minute there are new artists uploading, of which many are up and coming independent artists heard all over radio as well as many established artists signed through MGM.

TMV: Who are your competitors and what makes your service different?

NA: With the on set of subscription based music platforms like Spotify & Rdio, MOG etc. arriving on our shores and being very popular, the musical landscape is changing rapidly…how music is discovered, and more importantly how an artist is/can be paid for their works is my main focus. We must be able to reward an artist for their work, and allow them complete control as to the pricing of their work. By providing a viable alternative to other models for artists and fans to interact, as well as maximizing the opportunity of gaining exposure through public broadcast is the first stage of THP. We’ve only been live 8 months, and we have a long way to go yet before I can say we are hub of independent creativity…. but that’s my goal.

Some very cool functionality is in the pipeline that will set us apart from other platforms, including the socialisation of music, as well as tweaking what is currently available to use, especially for commercial users, where music will be used as a means to communicate, not just an end transaction.

TMV: Obviously as a new start-up funding is critical to growth and expansion?

NA: We are currently tendering out to the right investor/s who shares the same vision as we do, and can see the massive opportunity within the independent community. I believe with the right partnership we can bring all aspects of independent creativity together under the same platform, interacting with each other on all aspects of music and creation, where a user can be a fly on the wall looking in, or choose to collaborate and be part of the process. It’s a very exciting time for us, but more importantly for the independent community on a global scale.

You can check out the platform www.holdingpattern.com


Jakomi Mathews – Founder & Editor, The Music Void

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