INFOGRAPHIC: Can Google Music Beat iTunes and Amazon


Howdy folks, and interesting infographic detailing the competitive strengths and weaknesses of iTunes, Amazon and Google Music provided to us by the folks at Neo Mammalian Studios and best show tickets. It is a bit biased towards Google Music but does display some interesting facts folks. Enjoy!


Jakomi Mathews – Founder & Editor, The Music Void

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  1. There is a mistake in the comparison section. AAC 256k with iTunes Plus Standard has a better quality than MP3 320k. And the standard of Google (MP3 320k CBR) is just as good as of AmazonMP3 (MP3 256k VBR).
    The difference between 320k CBR and 256k VBR is the following: 320k CBR does have the whole song the same [constant] bitrate and at 256k VBR the encoding program decides for each second singly the [variable] bitrate. As much as the song really needs. 256k is the average bitrate value, it can even reach 320k and more.
    So, at the end the true winner here is iTunes, AmazonMP3 and GooglePlay are both second-placed.

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