Spotify vs Pandora Which Is Better?


The folks from The Music Bed – a large independent online music licensing vendor have come up with this Infographic. Whilst TMV do not believe you can compare like for like in terms of both the Spotify and Pandora service, this graphic does provide some interesting facts about each service for our readers. Enjoy!



Jakomi Mathews – Founder & Editor, The Music Void

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  1. Spotify is much better because it allows you to pick whatever music than Pandora. (like it said)
    But for having spotify it sometime doesn’t work for me.. It says its playing the song but I can’t hear it.
    I rather do spotify if possible, but if it doesn’t work then i just go to pandora. I think pandora has more ads than spotify which annoys me.

  2. Or there is a new service called – it combines loads of genre based radio stations like Pandora, but also on-demand streaming like Spotify – best of both worlds :-)

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