24 Ways Musicians Can Use the iPad


Over the past few years the music industry has come up with some pretty innovative ways to use iPad. from Jordan Rudess’s epic ‘Morphwiz’ App to whole live performances done on iPads. Well, if you haven’t yet been sold on the idea, here are 24 ways to use the iPad to learn, compose, perform, and record.

Credit: This infographic was created by Kensington.


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  1. Lots is published about musicians/composition/notation etc. but how about the other 97% percent of the world that would like to perform their favorite music if they could. We make it possible for these people to play their favorite artists. It will be a better musical
    world all around

    Free iPad. Universal Music Performance Instrument. If you can type you can Play 1000’s of midis!

  2. Not sure if there are other nonexistent apps above, but there’s no such thing as Sibelius for iPad. Most capable music scoring app (and that’s really not saying much) is Symphony Pro.

  3. I’d add Tutti Dynamics to this list. It’s a powerful music learning app that allows you to learn along side some of today’s most iconic musicians. It’s a rich media experience, with multiple camera a views and full charts. In addition, you can mute tracks and play along to to the edit that best suits your learning needs. It’s fantastic.

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