EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVEW: Peter Noble, Festival Director – Bluesfest Byron Bay


TMV caught up with Bluesfest Festival Director Peter Noble back stage at this years 2013 event – the 24th event since it was launched back in (find year of launch). There is some background noise due us being near the APRA stage. We did try and edit it out to no avail. Regardless, Peter discusses the evolution of the festival, what has changed in the live music business since its establishment, the importance of understanding and respecting the environment within which you place your festivals, solar power and his involvement in the new indigenous music festival called Boomerang which is being hosted on the same site in October 2013. Happy viewing folks.

TMV would like to thank Kim Akhurst for her help at the festival recording the interview and then her editing skills post production wise!


Jakomi Mathews – Founder & Editor, The Music Void

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  1. The video of the byron bluesfest is private. Is there a password or better link? I am on the board of advisors for sustainablesurf.org and would like see what he has to say and next yr for the 25th we would like to be involved in some capacity! Big fan of the festival and of Byron Bay! Thank you.

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