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Facebook’s Mobile Plan: Carrier Billing, Analytics For Apps Via Bango Deal?


ShareTweet Last week, we highlighted how Facebook is already using mobile devices for commercial services—enabling people to buy Facebook Credits and charge them directly to their mobile bills. Now, it’s increasingly looking like that may just be the beginning: today, UK-based mobile billing and analytics specialist Bango (AIM: BGO) announced that it had signed a […]

Apple v. Motorola In Germany: One iPhone Injunction Ordered, Another One Lifted


ShareTweet Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) in the last 24 hours has been dealt not one but two blows in court cases involving Motorola (NYSE: MMI) and patents in Germany, one involving IP licensing on older iPhone models (not the 4S) and one involving iCloud. However, as the day progressed, an injunction on the sale of the […]

Apple/Samsung Legal Skirmishes Have A New Player: The European Commission


ShareTweet The ongoing, back-and-forth legal fight that is the Apple/Samsung patent dispute today took on a new dimension in one of its key battlegrounds, when the European Commission launched an antitrust inquiry into Samsung’s technology licensing practices. This looks like the next step along in an investigation that was first launched by the European Commission […]

Wanna Download A Free Movie With No Legal Worries? Go Dutch.


ShareTweet Some countries in Europe, like France, are looking at ways of extending their copyright protection laws to streamed media, in addition to existing laws against unlicensed downloads. Other countries, it seems, are going in quite the other direction, as a recent decision in the Netherlands shows. According to a report in TorrentFreak, the Dutch […]

France Wants To Tax ISPs To Fund Music, Add Streaming To Three-Strikes Law


ShareTweet Away from the Eurozone crisis, France’s president Nicolas Sarkozy has come up with one way to raise more funds in his country for one struggling media sector: taxing another one that appears to be doing alright. And in a speech to other European politicians, he said he also wanted to extend the country’s anti-piracy […]

Update: BPI Asks BT To Block BitTorrent Site The Pirate Bay, Or It’s Court Time

simpsons movie - chalkboard

ShareTweet A new twist today in the battle of media companies trying to stop their content from being distributed by illegal means online: the UK’s main music trade body, the BPI, has today teamed up others in the creative industries to request BT (NYSE: BT), the UK’s leading broadband provider, to block access to Pirate […]

A Spanish Android Tablet Maker You’ve Never Heard Of Beats Apple In Court


ShareTweet Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) has been going tooth and nail after big Android device makers, especially Samsung, accusing them in courts worldwide of lifting designs and other features from Apple products like the iPad and iPhone. But one case decided yesterday in Spain illuminated a couple of key facts: Apple’s been targeting much smaller Android […]

Updated: Samsung Seeks Injunctions On iPhone 4S, Adds Japan, Australia


ShareTweet More artillery build-up in the battle between Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) and Samsung. Just days after Apple released its newest handset, the iPhone 4S, to waiting crowds and strong demand, Samsung made good on its word (and our own prediction) and added another two cases to its growing list of injunction requests against Apple products. […]

Pandora Learns The Hard Way, Mobile Ads Are Still Far From Being A Cash Cow


ShareTweet Being the most popular is not a good enough business model, it seems, when it comes to music mobile apps. Pandora, the music-streaming app, says it is the most-downloaded free music app in both the Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) App Store and Android Market in the U.S., but that volume has not translated into a […]

HTC, Sony Launch Tablets In Bid To Take A Bite Out Of Apple’s iPad Reign


ShareTweet The Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) iPad controls around 80 percent of the tablet market, which has seen just in the last month one high-profile casualty, the HP (NYSE: HPQ) TouchPad, fall in the face of competition. But that is not stopping the rush of device makers looking to launch products to gain a foothold in […]

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