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Could The Tide Be Turning On Apple?

As reported in TMV a week ago, an Australian appeals court kicked out Apples appeal to prevent the Galaxy 10.1 tablet from being sold...

Apple vs. Samsung

Finally, the pathetic anti-consumer patent war begun by Apple is now being thrown right back in their smug face. TMV had wondered how long...

Apple’s Orwellian Censorship Patent

Earlier today it was brought to TMV’s attention that Apple is developing software that is capable of sensing when someone is trying to record...

Apple iPhone 4 vs HTC Desire HD

TMV thought it about time that we got around to comparing two of the hottest phones on the market. Each handset has been around...

Apple Purposely Misleading Media On iPad 2 Launch

Obviously, the competition within the Tablet market place which was created by Apple’s iPad is about to heat up in 2011. Yet does Apple...

TMV Views On Results Of UK Youth And Music Survey 2009

TMV were provided the following info Marrakesh Records and Human Capital will publish a survey of over 1,000 15-24 year olds exposing their listening...

Dell Rumored To Enter Smart Phone Market

As reported by Reuters, Dell is apparently planning to enter the smart phone market as early as March this year. The company has been...


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