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Should Music Companies Ensure Investors Are Ethical?

It was with shock that I read that Spotify had received $10 million dollars investment from global soft-drink brand Coke in its latest fundraising...

Song Summit 2012 – A Business Perspective

TMV were lucky enough to attend this Sydney based industry shindig for the first time. Last week Dana Gilden reported on the event from...

Is Facebook Just A $100 Billion Excuse For Boring People To Spam Others?

Facebook listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange yesterday at a price of $38 per share – effectively valuing the company at $104 Billion dollars....

Why Only Fools Will Buy Shares In Facebook’s Overvalued IPO?

With the recent submission of papers to Nasdaq the Facebook IPO is on. Yet is it really worth a $100 billion valuation? TMV think...

Industry Opinions: Are Streaming Royalties Fair?

This week we take a look at the ‘hot topic’ of the moment of streaming rates and weather they are fair and equitable. We...

Are Music Tech Companies A Better Investment Than Traditional Music Businesses?

Just glancing upon the Nasdaq from yesterday it seems very apparent that investor confidence in traditional music business is very low. Live Nation (NASDAQ:...

Does Google Deserve Record Label Licenses?

It was reported yesterday that Google is trying to get all cozy with record labels in relation to securing licenses to sell music al-la-carte....


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