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Does Google Deserve Record Label Licenses?

It was reported yesterday that Google is trying to get all cozy with record labels in relation to securing licenses to sell music al-la-carte....

Spotify and Facebook Tied Up – Literally!

The fact in the US if you are a new user to Spotify you have to also have a Facebook account in business terms...

Michael Robertson Talks DAR.fm

A few months back TMV staff writer Laura G Thorne examined digital content entrepreneur Michael Robinson’s DAR.fm. Here at TMV we’ve recently read all...

TMV Interview: i.e music’s David Enthoven and Tim Clark

  TMV's Laura Thorne recently sat down with i.e.music co-Directors David Enthoven and Tim Clark for a chat on a wide range of topics.  LGT: My...

Tablet Wars: Apple Seeks To Destroy Samsung

Yes, Apple created the market for tablets with its iPad and yes, it is also the monopoly stakeholder in the tablet market place on...

The New Internet Domain Battle – A World Beyond Dot Com

Back in the original Internet boom and bomb of 1999/2000 I’m sure most our readers were aware of the cyber-squatting phenomena that managed to...

A Conversation With Craig Davis, Co-Chairman And Chief Creative Officer At Publicismojo Australia

Jakomi Mathews caught up with Craig Davis, Co-Chairman and Chief Creative Officer at PublicisMojo Australia, last week attending the Melbourne installment of global digital...


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