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Investing In Digital Music Start-Ups: Risks vs Wins

Recently there has been a large amount of pontificating about licensing rates being way to high, make investing in digital music focused start-ups a...

Piracy Involves Hypocrisy From Both Sides: Where Are The Solutions?

Whilst TMV wrote about the SOPA legislation last week we were barraged with comments from the Anti-SOPA camp – many of them rather anti-free...

Companies Opposed To SOPA Are Acting Like Spoilt Children

TMV are utterly disgusted with the antics of the anti SOPA camp. What is so wrong with legislation that’s core aim is to eradicate...

ISP’s: Do They Or Don’t They Have To Police Pirate Sites?

It’s been an interesting past few weeks, where in the UK we have the high court rule that BT must remove all links to...

Is Apple’s Walled Garden Sustainable?

Only two weeks ago it emerged that the US Department of Justice had announced an investigation into Apple iTunes practice of strong-arming labels against...

The Continued Devaluation of Music

With numerous new start-ups entering the digital music space, many of them ad-funded based, what is the effect on à-la-carte sales? Going further why...

Event Report: All2gether Now (Berlin)

When Dieter Gorny, the head of the German IFPI and German Phonoverband office joined forces with the organizing team from Messe Berlin to cancel...


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