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The Never-Ending Piracy Debate

The previous week has seen an already down and out recorded music industry, decaying from the inside, with two bitterly divided sections ripping at...

Mobile App Stores – The Wider Issue

With the recent rejection by Apple of the Google Voice application for the Apple app store and the FCC probe brought on by the...

TMV Post Used as Evidence in Spanish P2P Court Case

A post by TMV columnist Wayne Rosso has been entered into evidence by a Spanish court against notorious Spanish P2P network Blubster. You can...

BPI Head Spins

Last week Geoff Taylor, chief executive of the BPI, made a rather brave admission in an editorial on the BBC web site. He fessed...

Can Spain Finally Fight Piracy?

Since here in the UK we will no doubt have an oversupply of analysis of the Make Britain Digital Report over the coming days...

Regulating The Internet

There's something about avoiding the inevitable. If I know something is coming whether I like it or not, I'm the sort of person who would...

If Piracy Laws Cut Internet Traffic – Do ISPs Share Liability For Music Piracy?

As reported last week Sweden introduced new anti-piracy laws in terms of ISPs providing details of users sharing files and the countries overall internet...


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