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The Music Void originally started as a rant about what we thought was wrong about the digital music business way back in 2007. It evolved very quickly, where we had over 10 staff based out of our UK offices and Wayne Rosso running our US operations. We also had numerous contributors from across the music business industry landscape. At the time, The Music Void was quoted in The Financial Times, The Australian, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail and many other music focused magazines and online news outlets around the world.

In 2012 we decided we had run out of steam and decided to close down.

In late 2022, Wayne Rosso and Jakomi Mathews decided a lot had happened within the music business across the 10 years were were away. So we decided to reboot The Music Void and continue with the ethos of no fear of speaking truth to power, exclusive insights into the inner workings and deals being done in the global music business.

In March 2023 we appointed Irina Shtreis as our EU and UK editor. Irina has been writing for numerous different music publications and is a music nerd at heart.

We are excited to be back and look forward to continue to focus on the key issues affecting all stakeholders in the music, media and technology sectors across the world.