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“Just You Wait”: Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins on AI

In a conversation with radio DJ Zach Sang, Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins shared his opinion on AI. His comment followed a statement made by Sting warning about a battle between humankind and artificial intelligence.

Copyright Royalty Board Finally Sets US Streaming Royalties

This week the Copyright Royalty Board made its initial determination regarding streaming royalty rates, setting minimum payouts. The real question is, "Is Lucien Grainge happy now"?

Rob Stringer’s Bold Crusade Against Garbage Streaming: A Tale of High Art, Low IQ, and AI Magic

Sony Music Group chairman Rob Stringer said on Tuesday (May 23) that the company is focused on the fight against low-quality content -- which he called "the lowest common denominator" -- flooding top streaming platforms.

Universal Music Group Wants To Put You To Sleep

UMG finally gets "religion" and embraces AI. But don't worry, they're only going to use it to put you to sleep.

Rainbow Folly: New AI Feature Integrated Into Photoshop

Generative AI will be integrated into Adobe Photoshop. Named Adobe Firefly, the product is expected to become a so-called “co-pilot” that would help designers to expand or remove unwanted items from images as well as create an image from scratch.

Labour Party Suggests Investing £11bn Into Creation Of BritGPT

The Labour Party leader Keir Starmer suggests that the creation of BritGPT, a national artificial intelligence system, could be a response to American tech dominance in the UK market and address market failures rather than solely competing with Silicon Valley.

Róisín Murphy Announces New Album With AI-Generated Cover

Irish indie-pop legend Róisín Murphy is yet another artist having a brush with AI technology. Her forthcoming album Hit Parade features artwork with the...


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