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10 Reasons Why Watching The Grammy Awards Might Be The Least Exciting Thing You Could Do

So are you ready to indulge in an evening of predictability, cringe-worthy moments, and fashion faux pas? As usual, the Grammy Awards on Feb 4, 2024, might not be the most captivating event to grace your screen. Here are ten reasons why subjecting yourself to the telecast could be the least exciting thing you could do on that fateful evening.

November Roundup: Three Industry Events To Visit

The Music Void shares this month's roundup of industry events featuring great panel discussions and simply great music. Le Guess Who? Utrecht, The Netherlands 9-12 November 2023 The...

Preserving Timeless Legacies: The Beatles vs. Mickey Mouse

In the realm of timeless legacies, two towering giants emerge: The Beatles and Mickey Mouse. These icons hold special places in our hearts and cultural history, yet their paths to preservation diverge significantly. The Beatles, celebrated as the greatest band in the history of music, have recently embarked on a journey of posthumous releases featuring the late John Lennon's demos. While this practice aims to pay homage to their beloved bandmate and extend their remarkable legacy, it has sparked concerns about the integrity of their music.

Key Events to Attend at SXSW Sydney

The biggest music industry event in Australia brings together professionals from all around the world to discuss all things music, media and technology. During...

Media Overexposure: When Superstars Turn Super Exhausting

In the celebrity circus, walking the fine line between fame and media overexposure is like tightrope-walking over a pool of piranhas - it's treacherous and thrilling. The consequences of media overexposure can be as unpredictable as a plot twist in a telenovela, and how celebrities navigate it and how the public perceives them is the million-dollar question.

Buckle Up! The Unpredictable Future Of Music Catalogs – Where’s The Crystal Ball When You Need It?

In the ever-evolving world of music catalog investment, there's a surge of change, uncertainty, and opportunity. At the center of this opera is Hipgnosis Songs Fund, a major player experiencing financial turbulence, and competitors all vying for a share of the music investment stage.

TikTok: Fame Over Quality in Today’s Music Industry

Jimmy Iovine, co-founder of Interscope Records and Beats by Dr. Dre, recently spoke with Consequence of Sound about the state of the music industry. According to Iovine, fame has become more important than quality in today’s music scene, which is a polite way of saying that most of the music out there is garbage. He also thinks that too many people are making records for TikTok.


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