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Station Narva 2023: Lost In Transition

The Music Void attended the sixth edition of Station Narva, a pivotal cultural, business and music event in Eastern Estonia. The geographical location of Narva...

Big Sound 2023 Day 2 Roundup

TMV publisher Jakomi Matthews reports on Day 2 of Big Sound.

September Round-Up: Five Music Industry Events to Attend

Autumn reinvigorates the showcase festivals’ activity, shaking off the seasonal slumber. This September will see The Music Void attending events in Australia and Europe,...

Breaking The Bank: $1000 Concert Tickets And Why We Saw It Coming

So, it's official. 2023 is the year of the $1,000 concert ticket. And I'm not even a little bit surprised. After all, why would artists charge less for tickets when they know that fans are willing to pay more? It's basic economics, people.

The Saga Of Wild Man Fischer

If you happened to have been strolling down Sunset Blvd. sometime in the mid-’60s, you more than likely would have run across a dirty, disheveled homeless guy belting out nonsensical, erratic, a cappella performances of “new kinds of songs” that he composed on the spot. His name was Larry Fischer, aka Wild Man Fischer.

Famously Unfamous: The Ambiguity Of Stardom

The concept of fame is a vague one. While sixty years ago no one would doubt the stardom status of The Beatles, now it is clear that there are no other stars than those sparkling celestial bodies up in the sky.

The Demise Of Debauchery: Being In A Band Isn’t What It Used To Be

Well, brace yourselves, folks, because we're diving headfirst into the perplexing vortex of the "What on earth happened to the good ol' sex, drugs, and rock and roll era?" question. I mean, seriously, did someone misplace the manual for that era? Was there a memo I didn't get? Because it's beginning to feel like a party I wasn't invited to.


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