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The Demise Of Debauchery: Being In A Band Isn’t What It Used To Be

Well, brace yourselves, folks, because we're diving headfirst into the perplexing vortex of the "What on earth happened to the good ol' sex, drugs, and rock and roll era?" question. I mean, seriously, did someone misplace the manual for that era? Was there a memo I didn't get? Because it's beginning to feel like a party I wasn't invited to.

How To Make It As A Pop Star In 2023: Be Olivia Rodrigo Or Give Up

Billboard Magazine ran a story titled "Pop Stars Aren’t Popping Like They Used To — Do Labels Have a Plan?" The answer is, probably not. So what has to be done to create more enduring careers for their artists?

Player Piano: AI and Independent Music

Digital music company Believe and streaming platform TuneCore shared the results of their survey on generative AI. About 1600 self-releasing artists were interviewed and asked to express their opinions on the potential benefits of the technology.

Smile For The Camera, Concertgoers. Is Big Brother Grooving To The Beat?

Facial recognition technology used at concert venues lead to a boycott by 100 artists led by the digital rights advocacy group Fight for the Future. Where is this all going?

Paving The Way To The Moon: Iceland As A Destination For Music Tourism

American promoter Ethan Schwartz tells The Music Void how Pavement, Wilco and Umphrey's McGee bonded with the faraway destination for music lovers.

Canadian Music Week 2023: Day 3 – Royalties and Financing Models

Day Three of CMW highlighted discussions about royalties and funding for new artists.

Giles Martin: “You can’t mix for a technology, you have to mix for a song”

Talking to MusicRadar, record producer Giles Martin told about the technicalities of transferring game-changing Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds to Dolby Atmos. In his review of...


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