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Survey Finds File Sharing Dropping In UK

A recently released Music Ally/The Leading Question survey reports that the overall percentage of regular file sharers in the UK has dropped 5% from...

Raising Money

Milton Berle - "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door." There are lots of ideas floating around aiming to eliminate the perpetual dark cloud hovering...

The Free Streaming Bandwagon

A lot can happen in a week. Last week YouTube and Hulu where in competition seeking out UK broadcasters content offering them in some...

The Pirate Bay 2.0

Dateline London: On June 30, news broke that The Pirate Bay had been purchased by a little known publicly traded company named Global Gaming...

When Oprah Tweets A Hype Machine Link, We Win!

Take Hype Machine, two scoops of Twitter, add a little pinch of influence and then cover in awesome sauce. That's the recipe for one...

Millennial & The Social Media Explosion: Event Report

The concept behind this event was two fold; looking at how the social media phenomenon has impacted rights holders and also examining the various...

BPI Head Spins

Last week Geoff Taylor, chief executive of the BPI, made a rather brave admission in an editorial on the BBC web site. He fessed...


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