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Event Report: Music Connected (London)

Yesterday TMV attended the annual AIM Music Connected event in London. The event was full to the brim for the whole day and there...

Muzu.tv Signs Deal With Universal

According to Reuters, Irish premium music content upstart Muzu.tv has announced a deal with Universal where the world’s largest record label will have its...

Rock Icon Ahead of Curve in Predicting P2P Services Back in 1980s?

Yes, you read the headline right. It was recently brought to TMVs attention by a post on industry agent provocateur Wayne Rosso’s blog that...

Qtrax Relaunching? What About all the Lawsuits it is facing? TMV Drills Down on Qtrax

Interestingly according to both Billboard, The Financial Times, and a Qtrax press release the subsidiary of Brilliant Technologies company has re-launched in the United...

If Piracy Laws Cut Internet Traffic – Do ISPs Share Liability For Music Piracy?

As reported last week Sweden introduced new anti-piracy laws in terms of ISPs providing details of users sharing files and the countries overall internet...

Nokia 5800 Express Music Handset Review

Nokia kindly gave us their first foray into the pure touch screen handset market to review just over a month ago and I’m glad...

Spotify Co-Founder Martin Lorentzon Talks “Own Or Rent”

This month’s OpenMusicMedia event in London enjoyed perhaps its biggest buzz since these digital music pow-wows began last year. The reason for this was the...


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