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Music, Money And The Metaverse

Will the metaverse save music?

Event Report: Byron Blues Festival 2012

2012 was the 23rd year for the Byron Bay Blues and Roots Festival and I was lucky enough to be in attendance for the...


Interview: Ray Anderson CEO Bango

TMV interviews Ray Anderson CEO of Bango at London...

ARIA Week: Aria Master Classes, EMC, Showcases And Awards Night

The annual ARIA awards in Australia has been turned...

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Interview – Steve Purdham Founder and CEO We7.com

Interview with Steve Purdham, Founder and CEO of Music startup We7.com was conducted at London Calling 2008.

Interview Scott Cohen – Founder and VP International The Orchard

This interview was conducted with Scott Cohen at London Calling in 2008.

Are Advertising Funded Models the Panacea Industry is Banking On?

Literally, every man and his dog within the recorded music business is in a fever pitch talking about how advertising funded models are the...

On-Device Portals By-Pass Content Discovery & Mobile Search Shortcomings; But Do They Also Point the Way To Wider Markets & Greater Revenues?

In-Brief: On-Device Portals (ODPs), a new generation of client applications that leverage the handset’s capabilities to deliver a more appealing user experience, increase service...
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Finally Labels Take On Dominance Of iTunes

It is heartening to read the recent news that UMG is taking on the dominance of iTunes and attempting to help create a more...

Should ISPs, Mobile Operators & Device Manufacturers Become Copyright Enforcers?

Within the digital realm all territories are encountering rampant pirating of music, copyright enforcement is critical to the survival for the recorded music business,...

Live Promoters Driving The Business Model Change?

With record music increasingly being given away from free and 360 deals becoming the norm, is copyright enforcement critical to the survival for the...


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Of Interest

What Would Happen If An AI-Generated Song Wins A Grammy?

When Stanley Kubrick created the massive Hal 2000 computer featured in 2001: A Space Odyssey, he probably never dreamed that Hal could win a Grammy some day.

ATTN: Attorneys. Your New Swimming Pool Is Coming Soon

You think copyright law is a tangled mess? Just wait.

Name That Tune

Creative AI and its Impact on the Music Business, but who's going to get paid?