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Monthly Archives: June, 2010


The Role Played By Search Engines In Enabling Copyright Infringement

According to documents obtained by the Chilling Effects blog (http://chillingeffects.org/dmca512c/notice.cgi?NoticeID=40373) the UK based BPI has filed a Copyright Complaint against Google. The claim relates...

Why Refusal to Engage Is No Longer Acceptable?

In the constantly evolving digital music world, it has become clear that artist engagement is key to ensure successful career development and survival for...

Is Apple’s Walled Garden Sustainable?

Only two weeks ago it emerged that the US Department of Justice had announced an investigation into Apple iTunes practice of strong-arming labels against...

Playing the System

Since I’m currently in Australia I thought it apt to write about a new Australian based upstart to the music industry, which is causing...

TMV Interview: Peter Gregson

Peter Gregson is a 23-year-old award-winning cellist who is renowned for his pioneering work in combining his instrument with modern technologies. His interest in...


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