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Monthly Archives: June, 2011


Why Merlin NEEDS To Be Treated In Parity With Major Labels

The fact Apple is prepared to pay a reported $150 million USD split between the four major labels, whilst excluding independent labels is quite...

Why An Antitrust Investigation Into iTunes Abuse Of Market Dominance Makes Sense

If the US Federal Commission can launch an anti-trust inquiry into Google’s dominance of search advertising, why can’t it do the same in terms...

Lisa Gerrard Interview

What is the driving reason or thing that got you into music? If you are born with an artistic soul, you will probably find some...

Apple’s Orwellian Censorship Patent

Earlier today it was brought to TMV’s attention that Apple is developing software that is capable of sensing when someone is trying to record...

Strategic Conversation With Ian Hogarth, CEO of Songkick.

1. Artists and investors might define Songkick as a ticket broker, data provider, content aggregator, or social network. How would you define the company? Wow,...


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