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Apple vs. Samsung


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Finally, the pathetic anti-consumer patent war begun by Apple is now being thrown right back in their smug face. TMV had wondered how long Samsung would stay timid and Apple was probably hoping on the respectful Korean culture that would keep Samsung from retaliatory action.  Well now the grenade has been thrown right back at Apple.

Whilst Apple has sought to prevent the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy 10.1 tablet and restrict its sale in Australia, The United States, Germany and the UK, Samsung has fired back and brought a lawsuit against Apple in the Netherlands. The fact Apple never secured a license for the UMTS technology for which Samsung holds the patent and both Apple’s iPad and iPhone have used for a couple of years, just illustrates how hypocritical Apple are. Every other key mobile device manufacturer with wireless capability has licensed UTMS – so why not Apple?

So, whilst Apple tells others to innovate without stealing, perhaps they should practice what they preach. If Apple is using a technology, which is key to the functionality of their devices then perhaps they should have secured a license from the patent holder before launching the iPhone? Apple’s argument that the circumstances are different and that the UTMS has become an industry standard is no excuse for not securing the appropriate licenses from Samsung.

If Apple does not like Samsung’s terms perhaps Apple should create their own standard? They already do so for their closed ecosystem hardware devices and the software that runs on them. So why not in that case keep it totally closed and come up with their own proprietary 3.5G bandwidth standard?  Perhaps it is easier and cheaper to steal? All TMV are trying to state is it is a two-way street and if you want to complain about competitors ripping of your IP then perhaps you should check your own house first Apple?

Overall, TMV believe Samsung hold the upper hand in this battle of the titans. Not only do they own the UTMS patents, they are also currently the supplier to Apple of its screens for the iPhone and iPad and so have Apple by the short and curly. Yes, I hear some of you say but those screens are a $5.7 billion revenue stream into Samsung (in the last year alone). That may be so, however perhaps think of the cost to Apple in retail if that supply was to be disrupted – especially with the impending iPhone launch? The fact is Apple have cost Samsung significant retail sales of its Galaxy 10.1 tablet. TMV would support similar in-kind retaliatory action from Samsung.

Overall, these patent battles hurt consumers because all they do is stifle competition – which is what is at stake here. TMV call on the patent app trolls, Apple, Samsung, Nokia et-al to call of their patent lawsuits and fight on consumer choice alone. Or is it that all of them are scared of consumers having true choice?

Samsung relented and agreed to change the Galaxy 10.1 tablet yet Apple is still attempting to prevent its release so consumers can make up their own mind. TMV view this as a clear indication that Apple feels VERY threatened by Samsung. We go further and say let the real competition begin and let the consumer decide which device they prefer…



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