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EU’s Proposed AI Act Could Have Major Impact on Music Industry


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The European Union (EU) is proposing a new law to regulate artificial intelligence (AI). The Artificial Intelligence Act (AIA) aims to “strengthen Europe’s position as a global hub of excellence in AI from the lab to the market, ensure that AI in Europe respects our values and rules, and harness the potential of AI for industrial use.”


The AIA could have a significant impact on the music industry. Some of the potential impacts include:

  1. The AIA’s requirements for data quality, transparency, and human oversight could increase the costs of developing and using AI-powered music production and publishing tools. For example, music producers and publishers may need to invest in new data collection and storage infrastructure to ensure that the data used to train AI systems is of high quality. They may also need to hire additional staff to oversee the development and use of AI systems.
  2. The AIA’s requirements for accountability could make it more difficult for music artists to protect their intellectual property and prevent the unauthorized use of their music. For example, music artists may need to take additional steps to register their copyrights and to monitor the use of their music online. They may also need to hire legal counsel to help them enforce their copyrights.
  3. The AIA could create new opportunities for music startups that develop AI-powered tools and services that help music producers, publishers, and artists comply with the law. For example, music startups could develop tools that help music producers and publishers collect and manage data, or that help music artists register their copyrights and monitor the use of their music online.
  4. Companies could be required to disclose the copyrighted material that was used to train their AI systems. This would help to ensure that copyright holders are properly compensated for the use of their work.
  5. It may also require companies to take steps to prevent their AI systems from infringing copyright. This could include measures such as filtering out copyrighted material from training data, or using copyright-compliant algorithms.
  6. New copyright exceptions could be made for certain types of AI-generated content. For example, the Act could allow for the use of AI-generated content for educational or research purposes without the permission of the copyright holder.
  7. It could lead to changes in the way that copyright law is enforced. For example, the Act could create new enforcement mechanisms for copyright holders, such as the ability to take down AI-generated content that infringes their copyright.

Overall, the AIA is a complex piece of legislation with the potential to have a significant impact on the music industry. It is important for music industry stakeholders to stay informed about the AIA and its potential impacts so that they can make informed decisions about how to comply with the law.

The AIA is currently under discussion in the European Parliament. It is expected to be adopted in 2023.


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