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Selling CDs – Upcycling Your Old Music In Exchange For Christmas Cash


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If you are low on cash this holiday season and searching for a way to buy gifts for family and friends, there is a way for you to make a little money without even changing out of your pajamas. That collection of alphabetized DVDs or CDs used to be the crowning glory of your new apartment, but now they’re just getting in the way. If you have completely digitized your entertainment options, there is no need to keep shelves and shelves of music, videos and games, so why not do something that will benefit another person and your own wallet this Christmas?

MusicMagpie has the answer. This upcycling service is a way for you to get rid of all those cases and earn a little money in the process. The best thing about MusicMagpie is that it is completely free to use and doesn’t require you to go through a long, arduous bidding war like you would if you were to auction off all of your stuff online.

How does it work?

Available in both the United Kingdom and Germany, is a site for selling CDs, DVDs and video games. All you have to do is compile a collection of all the stuff you don’t want anymore, with the original packaging included (this means CD, DVD and game cases along with any original artwork). There are three easy ways for you to create an online ‘inventory’ of what you want to recycle, all based on recording the bar code. You can either scan the bar code with a web cam, key in the numbers with your keyboard, or, if you own an iPhone, use the MusicMagpie app to scan the code. Once you have your music, videos and games all packaged and their bar codes turned in, you’re halfway finished.

Will they come get my stuff?

They will, if you would like. While registering your old discs on the websites you can request a pickup from a free courier service. Or if you don’t think you’ll be around the house, you’ll be sent FREEPOST labels so that you can send your things directly.

How will I get paid?

Once your discs have been delivered and MusicMagpie matches each item with the bar code stored in our database, you will receive a cheque in exchange for your music, videos and games. There’s no easier way to make a little money during the busy holiday season.

How else can I earn money using MusicMagpie?

Have you turned in all of your CDs, DVDs and video games? If you are looking for more ways to upcycle your old belongings for a cheque, MusicMagpie also partners with mobile providers to help you exchange your old phones for money. Our mobile recycling service has just experienced a major upgrade, and now we work with even more mobile companies to make sure you get the highest market value for your phone.




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