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Cherry Red Records: Independence at 45

Iain McNay, Chairman of Cherry Red Records (on the right), Cliff Cooper, CEO of Orange Amps (in the middle), and sound engineer Alan Wilson,...

Bowie’s Beatdown: Laughing Through the Jungle of Music’s Drama and Spotify’s Billion-Dollar Cha-Cha

In the jungle of today's music industry, Nile Rodgers of Chic fame suggests that David Bowie would have faced a swift exit before reaching stardom. Rodgers, the wizard behind Bowie's '80s breakthrough, "Let’s Dance," claims that modern labels are more interested in profit margins than nurturing unique talent.

State Of Independence: Small Broadcasters Make Themselves Heard

The quarterly survey on Official Rajar (Radio Joint Audio Research) shows that 88% of people living in the UK still listen to the radio...

Music Streaming Industry: A Saturation Showdown Is On The Horizon

The music streaming industry has witnessed remarkable growth over the past decade, with streaming services becoming the primary mode of music consumption for millions worldwide. However, with rapid expansion come concerns of potential market saturation and challenges related to subscription models.

September Round-Up: Five Music Industry Events to Attend

Autumn reinvigorates the showcase festivals’ activity, shaking off the seasonal slumber. This September will see The Music Void attending events in Australia and Europe,...

Contract Freak: The Nebulous World Of Agreements In The Music Industry

10 March 1977. The Sex Pistols signing to A&M Records with Buckingham Palace behind them (Getty Images) No matter whether an artist has a deal...

You Name It: Rebranding In The Music Industry

Following the recent overhauling of Twitter, The Music Void ponders over similarly strange rebranding examples in the music industry. While some cases reflect the megalomaniac stance of the owners, others mirror the geopolitical changes, the power of social media and public opinion. The latter often contradicts the principles of artistic freedom.


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