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Labour Party Suggests Investing £11bn Into Creation Of BritGPT

The Labour Party leader Keir Starmer suggests that the creation of BritGPT, a national artificial intelligence system, could be a response to American tech dominance in the UK market and address market failures rather than solely competing with Silicon Valley.

AI’s Takeover Threatens UK Performers: Trade Union Warns Of Lost Income And Jobs

The regulation of artificial intelligence (AI) is a hotly debated topic in the UK, with the government proposing new regulations in March of this year. The UK parliament's science, innovation, and technology committee is holding a series of hearings on the subject.

UK Watchdog: AI Is Like A Puppy, But We’re Not Sure If It’s Housebroken Yet

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) of the United Kingdom has announced that it will be reviewing the artificial intelligence (AI) market. The review...

UK MP’s Seek “Equitable” Streaming Models

There is a debate in the UK about how to fairly reward performers and creators for music streaming. Some MPs have called for a "complete reset" of the market and proposed that the government pass legislation to give performers the right to "equitable remuneration"


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