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Who Is Willing To Take Labels To Task For Their Double Standards?

A week ago, lawyers for the Temptations were the first to launch legal action against a major label for failure to pay through the...

Will Artists Be Paid If Spotify Goes Public?

Recently, I was pondering the scenario whereby Spotify is listed on the stock exchange and what the outcome would be for artists. Lets first...

Apple vs Motorola and Samsung Patent Battle End Near?

Earlier today Roger Chang at Cnet reported that Apple has reached out to the two companies it started a bitter and ongoing patent war...

Why Only Fools Will Buy Shares In Facebook’s Overvalued IPO?

With the recent submission of papers to Nasdaq the Facebook IPO is on. Yet is it really worth a $100 billion valuation? TMV think...

Why iPhone Users Are Not ‘Cool’

Since the 80’s the Apple brand has pushed the idea that using their products was ‘cool & individualistic’ – if you used an Apple...

What Is Right About Stealing Content?

Debating with a friend who admits to file sharing and even stated they were caught and fined €1100 in Germany led me to question...

Piracy Involves Hypocrisy From Both Sides: Where Are The Solutions?

Whilst TMV wrote about the SOPA legislation last week we were barraged with comments from the Anti-SOPA camp – many of them rather anti-free...


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