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Companies Opposed To SOPA Are Acting Like Spoilt Children

TMV are utterly disgusted with the antics of the anti SOPA camp. What is so wrong with legislation that’s core aim is to eradicate...

Google vs. Content – Why Rupert Is Right!

I never ever dreamed I would see myself agreeing with the right-wing press baron Rupert Murdoch. However, his recent tweet that Google is a...

Wanted: CEO With Experience And No Felonies

We opened our mail yesterday and found a CV from one Edgar Bronfman, Jr., better known as just "Junior". Take a look and let...

Are Labels To Blame For No REAL Competition Between Digital Music Services?

Sadly, the announcement that Beyond Oblivion went into proverbial oblivion comes as no surprise to TMV. Whilst familiar chatter has abounded implicating extortionate major...

TMV Predictions For 2012

Well, 2012 is already hurtling past and we are into our 10th day of the new-year already! TMV’s UK staff writer Laura G Thorne...

Could The Tide Be Turning On Apple?

As reported in TMV a week ago, an Australian appeals court kicked out Apples appeal to prevent the Galaxy 10.1 tablet from being sold...

TMV Predictions For 2011

Back in January this year both myself, and Chris Mclellan made some predictions  of what TMV believed would occur throughout 2011. This post examines...


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