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Handsets: HTC vs Samsung vs Apple

Well folks this is not a post regarding a legal patent battle between Android compatriots HTC, Samsung and the iOS iPhone. It is instead...

What Does Major Label Consolidation Signify For The Music Business?

Well, there are two sides to this coin, one negative and one positive. Obviously, industry consolidation generally infers market domination. However, in the recorded...

ISP’s: Do They Or Don’t They Have To Police Pirate Sites?

It’s been an interesting past few weeks, where in the UK we have the high court rule that BT must remove all links to...

Industry Opinions: Are Streaming Royalties Fair?

This week we take a look at the ‘hot topic’ of the moment of streaming rates and weather they are fair and equitable. We...

Are Music Tech Companies A Better Investment Than Traditional Music Businesses?

Just glancing upon the Nasdaq from yesterday it seems very apparent that investor confidence in traditional music business is very low. Live Nation (NASDAQ:...

A Matter Of Trust

I remember going to my first ATV annual corporate get together in Los Angeles in 1979. It was soon after I was appointed Managing...

How Music Business Journalist’s Betray REAL Music

Yesterday, I was sitting watching my Twitter feed and I could not believe what I was reading – supposedly respected music business journalists from...


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