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Preserving Timeless Legacies: The Beatles vs. Mickey Mouse

In the realm of timeless legacies, two towering giants emerge: The Beatles and Mickey Mouse. These icons hold special places in our hearts and cultural history, yet their paths to preservation diverge significantly. The Beatles, celebrated as the greatest band in the history of music, have recently embarked on a journey of posthumous releases featuring the late John Lennon's demos. While this practice aims to pay homage to their beloved bandmate and extend their remarkable legacy, it has sparked concerns about the integrity of their music.

Choose Your Battles: Universal vs Anthropic

Who will be the sharks in the legal battle between majors and Anthropic? Katy Perry performs at University of Phoenix Stadium (photo by Kevin...

Hipgnosis Songs Fund In Crisis: Investors Reject Catalog Sale And Demand Major Overhaul

Hipgnosis Songs Fund, a company that led the music-catalog gold rush in recent years by investing over $2 billion in song assets from artists like Neil Young and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, is now facing an uncertain future. A significant 83.2% of its investors voted for a new board to implement major structural changes in the company during a recent meeting.

Bandcamp And Songtradr: Foot In Wrong Camp

Bandcamp has been famous as a rare platform offering unlimited streaming as well as the possibility to promote and sell not just your music but also merchandise. Unlike streaming platforms like Spotify who pay peanuts, Bandcamp provides artists with a fair pay of 82% from the purchase of their music. According to Pitchfork, artists on Bandcamp collectively earned $193 million in the last year alone, while Bandcamp has paid out $1.19 billion since its founding in 2007.

UPDATE: Hipgnosis Songs Fund Dabbles in Strategic Review to Soothe Wobbly Shareholders – Let’s See How That Goes!

Hipgnosis Songs Fund has decided to indulge in a bit of strategic review therapy, all in the name of calming the jitters of its oh-so-anxious investors after recent sudden share price drop

Key Events to Attend at SXSW Sydney

The biggest music industry event in Australia brings together professionals from all around the world to discuss all things music, media and technology. During...

Media Overexposure: When Superstars Turn Super Exhausting

In the celebrity circus, walking the fine line between fame and media overexposure is like tightrope-walking over a pool of piranhas - it's treacherous and thrilling. The consequences of media overexposure can be as unpredictable as a plot twist in a telenovela, and how celebrities navigate it and how the public perceives them is the million-dollar question.


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