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Back To The Future: Tallinn Music Week 2023

The Tallinn Music Week conference was a platform for discussing AI and its potential, while also showcasing innovative music artists who blend traditional and contemporary elements. The conference highlighted Estonia's commitment to creativity, technological advancements, and a better future.

Unleashing MusicLM: The Risks Of AI Creativity & The Battle For Authenticity In Music

Google's experimental text-to-music generator, MusicLM, is open for early testers through AI Test Kitchen. While it offers convenience in transforming written prompts into music, caution is advised regarding the potential risks of over-reliance on AI for creative pursuits.

TikTok Launches New Music Hub, Because Why Not?

TikTok has launched its #NewMusic Hub, billing it as "a global music discovery hub" for its users. The feature will serve as a "destination for new music" and highlight new releases to help fans discover the latest tracks from prominent and emerging artists.

Long-awaited show of Björk cancelled due to production issues

One of the most famous Icelanders had to cancel her high-tech Cornucopia show in Reykjavik due to mysterious production issues. Björk has been touring the...

EU’s Proposed AI Act Could Have Major Impact on Music Industry

The European Union (EU) is proposing a new law to regulate artificial intelligence (AI). The Artificial Intelligence Act (AIA) aims to "strengthen Europe's position as a global hub of excellence in AI from the lab to the market, ensure that AI in Europe respects our values and rules, and harness the potential of AI for industrial use." The AIA could have a significant impact on the music industry.

Update: Ed Sheeran Defends Himself Against Copyright Infringement Claims In Court

On Monday, Ed Sheeran took the stand during his copyright infringement trial, where he was being sued by the estate of one of Marvin Gaye's co-writers.

Monthly round-up: four music industry events to visit in May

In this month’s festival overview, we introduce events that equally enthral music enthusiasts and industry professionals. HowTheLightGetsIn 26-29 May 2023 Planned as a series of events during...


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