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Bowie’s Beatdown: Laughing Through the Jungle of Music’s Drama and Spotify’s Billion-Dollar Cha-Cha

In the jungle of today's music industry, Nile Rodgers of Chic fame suggests that David Bowie would have faced a swift exit before reaching stardom. Rodgers, the wizard behind Bowie's '80s breakthrough, "Let’s Dance," claims that modern labels are more interested in profit margins than nurturing unique talent.

Spotify’s New Feature: Money Laundering for Dummies

Swedish criminal networks have been using Spotify to launder money since 2019, according to a new investigation by Svenska Dagbladet (SvD). The gangs buy Bitcoin through "cash in hand" trades initiated via a Facebook group, and then use the cryptocurrency to pay for fake streams of music published by artists with ties to the gangs. This artificially inflates the popularity of the music, which then leads to higher royalties from Spotify.

CDs Are Back, Baby!

Surprisingly, an unexpected resurgence of CDs among Gen Z collectors is the latest rage. Despite the dominance of digital streaming services, a small but devoted group of young adults continue to collect CDs. These collectors view CDs as more than just a functional tool for consuming music; they see them as merchandise and appreciate the included photos and album design.

Player Piano: AI and Independent Music

Digital music company Believe and streaming platform TuneCore shared the results of their survey on generative AI. About 1600 self-releasing artists were interviewed and asked to express their opinions on the potential benefits of the technology.

Unmasking The Dark Side: The Impact Of Social Media On The Music Industry

While social media provides artists with direct access to fans and diversifies the music landscape, challenges such as saturation, decline in album sales, piracy facilitation, and negative effects on mental health arise.

Canadian Music Week 2023: Day 1 – The Future Of Music And Technology

The 41st Canadian Music Week (CMW) kicked off at the Westin Harbour Castle in Toronto last week, with a jam-packed schedule of events and performances. The evenings were filled with some of the brightest new and established Canadian artists, including Charlotte Cardin, Tumble, Fuego, Grace May, Virginia To Vegas, and Badflower. The days were filled with a series of expert panels covering topics from sync licensing to Afrobeats to new release marketing strategies.

Yours Offline Truly: Spotify Is Testing New Feature

Spotify is testing a new playlist option called “Your Offline Mix”. The new function allows users to play tracks even when the Internet connection is choppy or close to non-existent.


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