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Rainbow Folly: New AI Feature Integrated Into Photoshop


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The developers say that their new AI product Adobe Firefly is to assist graphic designers rather than eliminate creative input by humans.


Generative AI will be integrated into Adobe Photoshop. Named Adobe Firefly, the product is expected to become a so-called “co-pilot” that would help designers to expand or remove unwanted items from images as well as create an image from scratch. Firefly responds to text prompts similar to those utilised by other AI systems such as Dall-E and Midjourne.

In his official statement, David Wadhwani, president of Adobe Digital Media Services, emphasised the “word-painting” principle of the new tool: “We’re entering a world where you’ll be able to bring your creative vision to life simply by describing what you want in your own words, or with a simple gesture in your app”.

So using a phrase like “long haired dachshund with long flowing rainbow hair”, one can get as psychedelic as they want.

Adobe has been relying on AI in its tools for over a decade. Users might be familiar with such functions as the background replacement tool in Photoshop. However, the integration of Firefly into Photoshop will save more time for those who don’t want to scratch their heads.

Ultimately, it allows the creation of images and templates from scratch as well as facilitates the editing process. A contribution to the world of design? Productivity, maybe. Quality? Let’s see.

The generative fill feature is available in the desktop beta from 23 May, with a wider release set for later in 2023.


  • Irina Shtreis

    Irina Shtreis is a London/Reykjavik-based music writer, researcher and musician. Her byline has appeared in British publications such as MOJO magazine, The Quietus and Louder Than War. Irina has been a news editor of the latter since 2020.


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